I Don’t Know

Internet Universe, 

I have a lot to say today but I’m going to keep it pretty short, to an extent. It’s just I’ve been thinking a lot lately. I wanted to keep this strictly about my writings and helping people through what I’ve been through when it comes to writing. But writing comes from experience AND imagination. Just because you can imagine it, doesn’t mean you can write it effectively. Sometimes experience can trump imagination and sometimes the other way around.

I’ve been thinking a lot about my life that I have lived lately. Mainly about how I had everything going for me back when and I became lazy and inefficient and lost touch of my writings and got into a bad crowd (which thankfully, I am no longer apart of.) I have a new leash on life and I find myself moving forward from my old experiences and it feels refreshing. I had quite a few twists in my life when I graduated high school where I had two years that anything relationship-wise happened to me. (Between living together with a significant other, nothing like marriage or anything, yet.) 

All of the stress from my experiences hurt me emotionally as well as psychologically. And I just want to express to all reading this that if I can make it through what I went through, so can you. I have this as a response to one of my favorite women going through a hard time right now. Yeah, we haven’t got the same situation, in the very least. But she knows at least most of what I’ve been through and I know she’s gone through it too. 

We’re strong women ____, we will get through anything and we will do it in heels and makeup. 

I made mistakes and I know when I have kids they will too. But I refuse that there will be hiding things and there will be an open relationship. Everyone should be able to talk to someone. Whether it be a pen pal or an adopted sister with four kids. Or those annoying girls that live upstairs from you in their first apartment. 

We can get through this. And we will. Be strong. 


To those who are wondering as well what this has to do with my writings since I previously stated that I want to keep this blog about my writing, it’s as simple as this. Most women feel like we’re vulnerable and we can’t be the hero. That’s what I want to change. I want young women to read my writing and realize that we may be weaker physically (I don’t deny that), but we have a will that no one can mess with. We will persevere. 

That’s my rant for today,



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