Writer’s Block

Hello Internet Universe!

I decided to make a post about writer’s block and how I conquer it. 

First I’d like to express what causes my blocks of which thus far I have found. First off is stress and loudness in my household. There’s no actual children in my house, but those that sometimes act like it. But then again, who doesn’t act like a child sometimes? That’s a different blog for a different day though. The most common block causes I have found was stress.


Now how to conquer it. And this I have to admit, I must thank my mother for the advice. Meditation has helped me in the past. 

When the house is loud, remove yourself from the location and go to a new place to do your writing or whatnot. Plus I also found writing at night helps a lot too since everyone else is asleep. This makes the creative juices flow. And I don’t know about you but there’s something about the night that also helps my creative juices flow more efficiently and I can knock out pages in a few hours compared to during the day and getting maybe two paragraphs in the same amount of time.


2 thoughts on “Writer’s Block

  1. I have always wondered about writer’s block. I can’t say that I ever necessarily suffer from it. I suffer from moments of temporary disinterest. Generally, when that happens, I write something new. I know what they say about biting off more than you can chew, but I do a lot of episodic installments on my website. I make it mandatory to work on a project. For the last four months, I have been very productive because of it.

    I mostly write at night. You’re right, there is something relaxing about it. People are asleep, and I can focus on whatever I want to write.

    – That Nick Kid


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