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This blog I’m here to talk about researching your story, novel, poem and such. There’s a difficult time for many writers that I know that we’re always told to write what we know. But being young writers or older writers as well, we haven’t lived through everything and many people like to think outside the box and write fantasy and fiction where they make up at least 90% of everything from the people to the events in the book.

So this is my challenge for you. If you don’t know it, research it. If you haven’t experienced it, do it or find someone who has that can describe it to how you understand it. I know being raised Lutheran has sheltered me a lot from the “fantasy” genre so in order to write about my character Poppy is a little difficult for me since she is a witch. 

What I did. I researched everything about witchcraft that I could other than that I reached out and talked to people I knew to be Wiccans and I read up on Wicca as well as watching many TV shows about how other people wrote about their witches or even read series about it. I admit I do not know everything but what I do know, I reached out to sources and found some great authors that explain things simply and step by step. 

The one thing you do not want to do is write something out from your mind and offend those that do still study or believe in the things you are writing about. A little controversy that is prepared well is a good thing, but if you butcher everything that they believe in, it may not be as good. 

That’s my thought for today,



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