A Little About Myself

Hello there Internet Universe, 

I figured since I’ve been telling you about my thoughts and about my new novel but I’ve realized I’ve failed to discuss about myself. 

First off, I was born in Naples, Florida. I was shipped around, moving with my parents to North Dakota and Nebraska. So I learned really quick how it was to be a loner and that’s why I really picked up writing because back then I found that my made up world is better than my reality. That’s when I moved to Florida. 

When I moved back to Florida during high school, my life changed. I wasn’t popular by any means, but I did do okay. I graduated high school at a decent grade point average, it would have been better but I wasn’t necessarily too involved in it. School seemed a little too easy for me (but that’s a different blog for a different day.) 

I went to school for something that would be a little surprising to most. I went for mechanics and then again for computer technician training. That’s when I started seriously working on my writings and that’s when I began this novel about three months ago. And I’ve progressed greatly.

That’s it for now,



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