In and Outs of Writing

Hello Internet Universe,

There are many people that tell you that they can teach you how to write. And they can, to an extent. But what you need to realize that they can’t teach you everything. 

They can teach you structure and grammar. How to put your thoughts into words, however, can be just a little over natural talent. Natural talent helps a lot, but it’s raw and needs to be refined.

The only thing that you can do, without spending so much money to be taught how to harness your natural gift, is to practice. Take out your old English notes or even Google (or whatever search engine that you use) the basics of grammar because editors want to see you have a basic understanding of grammar so they can understand what you are trying to put across. Refine your writing, practice everyday. 

Practice, Practice, PRACTICE! It doesn’t matter how you do, be it a journal or a poem, or even a “fanfiction”. Find something that you can do to practice your gift. Not many people have it and it’s your responsibility (if you choose to accept it and who you are) to show the world just what you’re made of.

We are all unique, we are individuals with our own ideas. We can bring information to a new generation. 

Keep that in mind world,



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