Body Language And You – Basics

Internet Universe,

I’ve been doing a lot of research on body language throughout the years of my writing. It has helped me make my characters human and in my daily life, so I thought I would share the knowledge out to all of you.

First off, before I get into what to expect in dates and job interviews, I’ll talk to you about the basics of body language and nonverbal communication. (Which, in essence are the same thing.)

Nonverbal communication is taking everything as a whole from body language to the actual words being communicated when body language is taking just that. Just taking in the language the body is giving. So essentially the same thing but differ slightly.

According to the bare basics of body language is your posture, eye contact, and playing with your hair. All of which will add emotion to what you are actually saying. As webmd quotes Ross Buck (a PhD in Communication Sciences and Psychology at the University of Connecticut), “Body language represents a separate communication beyond words.” Thus stating both are separate, but they also do work together.

Posture when thinking about body language will help by figuring out how secure a person is comfortable or not which is always the first step in deciphering the other person’s body language, or yours. An erect posture means dominance and slumped means either you’re insecure, guilty, or ashamed. So are you not glad mama said to stand up or sit up straight?

Eye contact is another big factor. Even though many American cultures differ when it comes to how long you should keep contact it generally has the same basis. Eye contact in the correct amount means being honest, forthright. Sometimes it can even mean annoyance, sexual interest, pain or your happiness. This is where you have to take a little gut when reading what the eyes themselves are telling you. 

And because this is so important to any men out there reading this. I’ll give you a little trick about what it means when a woman flips her hair or plays with it. If their hand it cupped and her palm is facing towards you while she’s tucking her hair behind her ear it means flirting, being open towards you and interest. But keep in mind. It also may mean her hair could have been her eyes. PAY ATTENTION TO DETAIL! 

That’s the basics, keep an eye out for the next in this little blog series about detecting liars!

Have a good day everyone and good night,



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