How to Handle Critics

Internet Universe I have a special post for you today.

Whether you’re a writer or someone that intervenes with people, you deal with critics. I do when I’m writing and at my day job as well. Writing is a passion that I hope one day I will be able to make my day job, but for now I have to deal with people just like everyone else. That’s why I looked out on my browsers to find out the best ways to handle the critics that envelop me. I just hope it helps you.

Number one on many of the lists of how to handle it deal with not taking it personally. Some days can be more hectic for a person, thus their criticism is rougher. Ways to handle the dilemma can range, but my favorite and the one I use the most is just to brush it off. It is harder than it sounds, but sometimes you just have to realize that not everyone will like you and it’s a lesson in life that everyone must learn.

Number two deals with acknowledging your feelings. Yeah, you get critics from your closest friends and family so many people just hide their feelings (I know I do) just to avoid the confrontation. Confrontation is the worst thing for any relationship, but what’s worse is holding in any pent up emotions to where you blow up and hurt people you are close to worse than you just talking about the problem as it happens.

Number three explains when you need to assess just who the criticism is coming from and what they’re saying. There is always a nugget of truth with whatever people say. Sometimes they exaggerate, sometimes they don’t. Keep in mind though, that usually criticism is supposed to be constructive. Meaning that it is supposed to help you, so let it. Whenever someone criticizes you, keep it mind that it’s to help you.

Number four you must create boundaries with the everyday critics. If you work with someone that always wants to hurt your self esteem, you must draw a boundary with them because if it keeps occurring and it being taken personally (see number one), then you will lose your creative drive. It will also make you sick or depressed.

Number five is to correct the lies that are being spread about you in form of criticisms. If someone keeps speaking about you in harmful ways, you can always counteract their measures to make sure that people understand that not everything that is being wrongly said is true and correct it.

That’s all I have for now until I do more research and I’ll create a part two to this.

I hope this has helped you,



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