Daily Goals

Internet Universe Welcome,

I’m here to talk to you about Daily Goals. I’ve been given great advice by many people and many of the author “self help” books. Sometimes I do not agree with them, but I have witnessed what I’m about to tell you as a truth. At least to me, it works.

1.) Set low goals. – Whether they be weekly, daily, or monthly, you need goals. You need to have structure because as creative people WE can be a little flaky at times. I will not lie to you about that because, you know what? I am flaky just like the rest of us. I set that every Thursday that I need to have written ten pages. That seems low, and it should because once your inner muse gets a hold of you and your writing then you go further than that and feel fulfilled. When you feel fulfilled and excited about it, then you’re more likely to try for your goal the next day.

2.) Scheduling. – I touched base in bullet one about how I set it for Thursdays. You don’t have to put it for weekly, or on Thursdays. Remember being in school (if you aren’t now) where you had to have assignments turned in? They gave you dates or days to which your assignment was expected. Yes, you don’t get harmed if you miss your goal (in fact I’m twenty pages be behind now.) If you want to you can, in fact, withhold something that you usually do on certain days if you don’t make it but you don’t need to because just having the goal will make you more able to actually progress.

3.) Making Your Goal – Do not make goals that other people have unless they work for you. If you have a forty hours a week job, it’s unlikely you can write ten pages a day or such. Instead, make a goal that is low, and realistic that even on the busiest of weeks that you can accomplish. If you need to, reward yourself with something that you normally don’t get when you do make your goal. Let’s see an example. If your monthly goal is, say, fifty pages and you make it at the end of the month, instead of the convenience store coffee and you love fancy coffee, buy yourself a fancy coffee. However, you need a roof over your head so if it hinders with your bills, DO NOT DO IT! It’s just an example.

4.) Missing Your Goal – This is a little more complicated due to the fact that maybe your goal is too high. Who knows maybe you picked up more hours at work. Either way, rework your goals that way you can accomplish it. Because remember, the goal’s purpose is just to get you writing. If you’re like a lot of writers then you need to have a starting point and your fingers will work from there. But if you consistently miss your goal, maybe you should rework the goals on more of a permanent basis.

5.) Goals Do Not Just Mean Your Novel – There are days that writers just don’t want to write in their novel. Sometimes they have too much on their mind that they are mentally unable to write about that long plot line that just seems to be tedious to them. So why not start a blog? Why not get a diary and write about your day? Heck, why not write a poem or start a screenplay. The goal just gets you writing, but doesn’t have to be in the specific project you’re working on.

Remember, keep things realistic. Keep things simple. Once things get overly complicated you will start to sway from it, and so will your readers. One project doesn’t have to be finished in a month, it takes time. So let it.

That’s it for tonight my friends,



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