Glad That I’m An Introvert

Hello Internet Universe,

I’ve been hearing about some really weird things that have been happening around where I live. This has makes me so glad that I am an Introvert and homebody.

Has anyone else heard of weird laws around the country? Because I just heard one that is shocking which causes me to believe who would dare do this? Just a couple counties over, Lake County, Florida to be exact, it is illegal to twirk* in front of a school bus. Let me ask you this, who in their right mind would do this? Just me and my thoughts about that.

Maybe it is because I never get out and I try to not watch the news except for what pops up on my Facebook (Allya Ames), but some crazy things have happened that I just never heard about. And they get pretty disturbing, some even scary. Such as, Animal Control was sent out to catch an Emu and they couldn’t so a 14 year old boy helped them by roping in the Emu. (+1 for the Country Folk!)

I’m just getting into a rant about everything happening around me. If you hear about any weird laws or weird current events, feel free to comment them on this post.

That’s it for now,



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