Prose V. Pros

Internet Universe, I welcome you,

Before I talk about anything, I’m going to explain what Prose is and what Pros are. There seems to be a misconception about what Prose is and many typos that I’ve seen floating around where it seems people cannot seem to tell the difference.

Prose – the ordinary form of spoken or written language, without metrical structure, as distinguished from poetry or verse. (

Thus far, Prose is the natural form to which we speak. Blogs, Novels, Stories and such are all Prose. There is no poetry or verse format for Prose.

Pros – in favor of a proposition, opinion, etc. (

Now for the Pro about Prose. The definition clearly states that it is the ordinary form of language. Thus making it easier and more easily understood because it is so common place.

Like everything else, there is a con to Prose. The main one being that if you become so ornate when it comes to descriptions that it breaks the flow of your narrative. This is called Purple Prose. (Find more about Purple Prose.)

Soon coming I’ll be talking about Poetry and perhaps post some of my own.

But for now goodnight,



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