Poetry Vs. Prose

Welcome Internet Universe,

Let us talk about poetry for a moment before we go back to prose like we had discussed yesterday.

First off, poetry seems like a foreign language to most. I’m included in that, so if you don’t seem to understand it just know it’s okay. There are many forms of poetry that we were all taught in our English classes. My favorite (sense the sarcasm mind you) was Haikus. Now that was a foreign language. Before we talk about types of poetry, let’s get to the basics.

Poetry is written in a way to be pleasing to the ears. It’s suppose to rhyme and it’s suppose to be pretty. False. Not all poetry has to rhyme, in fact, a lot don’t. There are special formats to go against this by using A,B,A,B and such on the verses. Plus, Poetry is written in a way to give it’s apparent meaning. A lot of the time we are explained poetry to be a thing that we can see deeper into the soul of what is being said.

Now for my writer’s viewpoint on what English teachers think. Many years ago, I saw a thing on Facebook. Sometimes writer’s just want to make the curtains blue because we like blue, not because we’re depressed or anything (although, it is  common for writers to have depression).

I’m not claiming I know everything about poetry or prose but I do know the basics.

Now to compare the difference between the two. Poetry needs to be good to listen to hear, but so can prose. Some words just go better together. Poetry leaves the reader to coming up with their own interpretation to what is being said, and prose is more straight-forward to how they present everything. Unless you’re reading some Poe on the side. Although he’s a genius, he left a lot to be interpreted by the reader.

As a reader, I’m against the leaving to interpretation but sometimes I understand it’s a necessity. When I personally read, I do so for entertainment so I want the facts given to me. But you don’t want to give out so many facts, as a writer, to where the reader is no longer interested. Writing is an art, thus there’s a thin line between perfect and too much.

In my own opinion, I choose prose over poetry. I like to have those story lines drawn out and expressed. Now one may argue about epic poems and how they are presented with a story line. I prefer, however, to have words going from side to side without jumps and such, but not always does that occur in either.

That’s it for tonight,



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