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Today is all about Genres and types of writing. More explanation into it all for those, like me, that get a little confused when it comes to the classification of books and why they can have more than one genre to be listed under. Let us unblur some of those lines and get to learning.

I have a webpage open from the California Department of Education and I will be learning just as you are. Granted I won’t go so in-depth as they do but I’ll at least touch upon everything they have listed.

When it comes to fiction there are about 18 listed so I’ll just give you a summary of them.

Drama – a script for a play or television

Fable – using a useful truth for learning, using animals that talk or something along the supernatural.

Fairy Tale – children’s stories using magical beings

Fantasy – invites you to escape reality by bringing you into another world

Fiction – works based on imagination and usually not based in fact.

Fiction-In-Verse– Full length novels usually presented in blank verse format (Kind of like Beowulf)

Folklore – word of mouth stories about people

Historical Fiction – stories with fictional characters in a past setting

Horror – where there’s a sense of dread from the characters and the reader

Humor – fun, fantasy, and such to entertain, can be found in any genre

Legend – basis in fact, but surrounds a figure that is to be looked up to.

Mystery – the unraveling of secrets

Mythology – using symbolism to reveal human nature usually based in historical events

Poetry – using verse and rhythm to create an emotional reaction

Realistic Fiction – something that can really happen

Science Fiction – usually futuristic or on other planets, used by plotting possibly future technology

Short Story – A story that does not include any subplots

Tall Tale – using unbelievable occurrences with a larger than life main character

I had pulled up the Colorado University Genre List, but there is too much for me to be able to go through with you so I’ll leave it to you to go over. Feel free to contact me with any questions, and if I don’t know them, I will find out the answers for you.

While doing my research to help you through genres, and I hope I did a well enough job explaining everything, I found a bonus for you all. You probably have heard about this blog but you know what, I just found it and it seems really revealing and truth just oozing from the crevices.

Eleven Tips For Beginning Writers so far is my favorite article by the blog.

I’m going to do what writers do best and get some reading done over that way, I’ll see you shortly!

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