Organization And Distraction Free

Hello Internet Universe and Welcome,

Today I felt like the best thing that I could talk to you about would be organization and list a few ways that I get myself organized and keeping yourself from distractions. Yes, I have issues with both as well. Being a creative person, it’s more difficult for us to go and understand the logistics behind how to organize and how to not get distracted. Truth is, we all do. So you know what, let it happen!

Yes, getting distracted and being unorganized takes more time, but have you ever thought that if you try to stifle your creative prowess that you enjoy what you’re doing. The thing as writers, we need to find a balance between the two. We need discipline to get through those uninteresting scenes that absolutely have to be there to get to the interesting ones. Or is there just this blog post that you don’t want to write but you know you need to. Of course!

So, I do three things when I’m prepping to get ready to write. Something to help my right brain flourish. For about an hour before a word touches my document, I watch documentaries. They help you experience things you never thought you would and what do us writers need, EXPERIENCES! You can spend the entire thing pondering “What would I do if this happened to me?” Or, you can think the recent one is interesting. Just as long as you THINK!

Documentaries help me think and I am more able to get words on the pages and to be able to continuously type away. But they don’t keep me organized. Heck, nothing can keep me organized so I made a quick little way to be able to understand everything. I don’t do the flash cards, or writing down every occurrence in the book in an outline. (I find outlines tedious but needed, so I write the outline in a different format than the traditional.) What I do for me to keep my information intact, I write notes, EVERYWHERE. It helps I write my first draft in long hand, so I write notes in the margins. I have sticky notes on my computer that are teaming with inspirational quotes and little notes about my current works.

By now you’re thinking what Organization and Distractions have in common for me to combine them into one post. Here’s the thing, they are both PROBLEMS for writers (or at least myself and other writers that I know). The thing is, are they really problems at all? Yes they cause delays and I know that I need more of a schedule to keep on track in my works. If you schedule like I do, then why not schedule the distractions in?

Say, you have a huge breakup and you are devastated for days. Nothing you can do will help you put words on your page. I schedule two or three days off a week. So if it takes longer than that for me to move forward, I retract my days off for the next week or work to double my page count for the days to make up for time lost. This also correlates with my previous post about Daily Goals. The thing is, like I stated previously, it doesn’t matter what you write. It just matter THAT YOU WRITE! Even a diary or a blog can help you. If you are going through something that is causing you trauma while writing, then write about it and maybe some point of it can correlate with what you’re writing about. (Also check out Writer’s Block.)

Scheduling is important, just like organization. In order to write, you need to know your negatives and your positives and learn to work around them, just like in life. Because, as a writer, writing is your life. You have to write, you feel compelled to do such. If it takes you a few extra months to get your novel done, then so be it. Just as long as you keep working at it and getting it done. Schedule for your Distractions and for the two hours it takes to find a note about what color the curtains are. If you don’t, you will get sidetracked and you won’t be able to do anything about it and lose track of everything that you’ve been working so hard to accomplish.

That’s it for today everyone! Go get some practice,



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