My Writing Sense

Hello Internet Universe,

I would like to welcome you home. Your writing home, that is. Home is where the heart is and where you can write is the place where you feel like you are at home. Yes it is recommended that you get dressed and do everything that you would be doing if you were going to your day job. Here’s the thing, that is more like forcing.

I understand that you must force yourself to do things at sometime but if you are a true writer then you shouldn’t have to be forced to do such. You should have an inspiration and if you are, then it’s not going to be work. Yes, writing can be classified as a hobby, then treat it as such.

You want to make money as a writer? Of course you do! I do too. If you can spit words on a page you can be a writer, but getting the market for it is what matters, correct? That’s how you make your money. If you force your writing then are you really creating good quality work? In my opinion, no.

Quality is better than quantity, correct? If you’re sitting there at the computer, desk, or wherever, and forcing yourself to write a scene that you just don’t want to, what are you going to do? You are going to rush, rush, rush. Yes it can be corrected in your revisions and corrections processes. The question is, however, are you really happy with your work?

I am not saying not to write the hard chapters or the difficult scenes, but I’m trying to say, get comfortable and do it. If you have to force yourself then do it with quality and find your inspiration to get it done. So why should you force yourself to get out of bed if you’re comfortable right there? What if you get your best ideas in the shower? Then you have to get up and change and such, then you lose your idea.

That’s why I say, if you are inspired, don’t force yourself to get ready if you’re just going to forget about the idea. So why not wear your pjs all day and do some writing?! Yes most days you should get up (and shower) that way you feel as though you are working. That doesn’t mean that should be everyday (other than the showering part), because there are those days where you just want to wear your sweat pants and get things done!

Oh, and for the whole idea in the shower tragedy because you sure can’t bring your computer or paper in there with you to write it down, why not install a white board (away from waters reach but within yours) with a marker and write it down. That way when you get out of the shower you can take the white board with you and expand on the idea onto your preferred writing program or paper.

Sorry for the rant, but hope you liked it!

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Allya @amesallya


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