Character Dating Profiles (Bear With Me)

Hello Internet Universe,

So here’s a little special post about characters. My writing, and nearly every writing out there, is surrounded by relationships. So if you’re like me, you’re going to want to create a character profile. Yes, that is needed to see the character in the minds of readers and your own mind. How do you know that your character will likely be with the person you’re egging them onto? Create a dating profile, but for your characters. Know how opposites attract and that sometimes those relationships will explode in your face.

So you need to know many things about your character and who they have as options for a relationship or why the relationship between the character and their partner are not working.

Many sites claim they have the magic scientific formula for love. Science however, still cannot truly explain the love for a person for the way that we feel it. So I will provide my character dating profile setups but know this, if it just doesn’t seem to work between your two characters (or many characters depending on if they are monogamous or not) that forcing them will turn out for a real crap ending. Because for the entirety you are rooting for them but when they begin to fade to where you cannot feel the passion between them, you need to either change them as a character by some life altering event or change out the character and include a huge scene about it creating what you want, a turn in your story. Readers love surprises.

Looking For:
A Relationship   Friends   A Serious Relationship   Benefits (And we know what benefits are people!)Interests: (Personal Interests that the character spends most of their time doing, like music and movies, GREAT FOCUS HERE)
Hobbies: (Can be an interest, but more reflects what they do)
Most Important Thing(People): (Family, TV, Online Social Interaction, what they can’t live without)
Strengths: (Different than their personal strengths in the usual character profile, this is more towards relationship but may include their personal strengths, GREAT FOCUS HERE)
Weaknesses: (Only include or focus on if it means it will be a problem for a relationship, best to find one down for a relationship to make them feel more life-like together)
Physical Characteristics: (Often shown in online pictures, if you can’t draw then find someone who can or use what I use. The largest simulation game who just released the fourth edition XD)
Habits: (Smoking, non-smoking, drinking etc. This can be life or death for a relationship)
Most Important in a Partner: (such as personality traits, or for the shallow character, physical.)
Deal Breakers:

Keep in mind that this must be done for each character that is going to being a main focus or in a relationship. You never know if the man dating the woman for 10 years will come to his senses and leave her for another women who fits more of his wants and needs than the other woman.

That’s it for today!

I’d love to hear from you on Twitter or on your comments here!




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