Traits of the Creative Mind – Physical Energy

Hello Internet Universe,

If you go to Google and search up Traits of the Creative Mind, one will find many websites claiming they have the answer. And on every site I had checked, number one was always the same. We, as creatives, have an immense amount of physical energy. I laughed at this when I first read it until I went to Psychology Today’s website to do a little more research. They had an article and explained all the bulletin points extremely clearly.

They explained how that we don’t necessarily have a sense of hyperactivity. We  just focus the energy we do have more efficiently. Also, we are known to take quite a few naps, but are more productive when we do such. After that in the bulletin point, they begin in with more of a Freudian approach to our paradoxical ways.

To try to keep things more of a G-rating, I’m not going to go onto talking about anything else. So click on the link above for more information. And I’ll be turning this into another series so to say like the character description one that I started last Friday.

Does this explain you? Comment below your thoughts!



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