Living with Children

Welcome Internet World,

This is segment one on a week long focus on family life. As writers, we love social interaction because every day sparks a new idea for a great novel, novella, poem, or such. I personally enjoy living with my roommate and her kids. It’s enthralling to see the young minds working up their crazy schemes (no child has ideas, only schemes from my experiences haha).

I cannot tell you how many ideas I’ve gotten for my characters or for future characters based off of these kids. They give a sense of maturity and naivety that I haven’t seen work  in a combination before without exploding in my face. I see the oldest, let’s call him George, and his computer games. He hardly comes out of his room but he always has something about his games to say that if it were someone my age, would be expected. He’s a bright boy and I’d never be able to imagine another like him.

Then we have the next one, let’s call him Steve. Steve is carefree to an extent but if you upset him by being unfair (or perceived as such) or cursing, you will get an ear-full (trust me, I have). There’s just something about him that even through his wise cracks, you have to love him. He’s just an epically awesome kid that I pick on and he picks back. He has a tough outer skin, but once you get past that, you see how caring he really is. He’s also very protective of his sisters.

The eldest girl is definitely unique. Let’s call her Monique, (sorry I had to do it). She’s the most girly person I’ve met but in ways she’s a goth. She loves all of the girly things like makeup, dressing up, and doing her hair. On the other hand though, she loves black and Halloween. Even the occasional Horror Movie!!! She’s a small stature but just knowing her that under her persona, she’s a firecracker. For a gift she got steel-toed boots and kicked a wall in amusement that it didn’t hurt! She’s just so special.

Then we come to the baby. She’s going to be called….hmmm…. Rose. She is energetic and comes up with the greatest little stories. The littlest things make her so enthusiastic that you can’t help but melt in her presence. She loves her dinosaurs and documentaries which makes her a pretty smart kid. Half the time she runs around yelling that she’s a “big girl” and loves to dress up her softies*.

*Softies – what most people call stuffed animals.

I couldn’t dream of if I had never met them. They can be loud and rambunctious but they’re kids. And what I didn’t tell you was that George and Steve are on the Autism spectrum. But does that make them any less of a child? I tell you, NO. Did I mention before that they were? I told you about them before, would you have ever guess they were? No. Because they’re kids.

I don’t understand how people can be so judgmental over those of the spectrum. It makes no sense to me. Granted everyone is different (so is every Autistic person). Just looking at the boys I see worlds of difference between them, but what I don’t see, is that they are on the spectrum. They are people too.

That’s my rant for today,



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