Fears of Having a Family

Hello there, Internet Universe,

Today I’m writing not about tips on writing or such. Today is about kids. I have no kids of my own, granted, so I can’t talk about the challenges of facing raising them, to an extent. My roommate, however, does have kids and I see them everyday with a big grin on their faces.

Today, childhood seems to be getting thrown out of proportion as if kids can’t be kids anymore. I’ve been reading up on blog posts as well as news articles to where Child Protective Services will take children away for playing outside. I remember growing up (yes, it wasn’t that long ago, maybe about 10 years ago) where I was able to go out, babysit, walk the town with my friends, and play outside. Now, kids playing in the front yard are likely to be taken away.

Parents complain about how video games make their children violent and such, but it makes you wonder. A lot of parents don’t let their children go outside to begin with and as we all know, children need something to do. If they don’t have anything to do they are just going to run around screaming about how bored they are. And now parents are not even aloud to have children go outside with fear of being snatched, and not even by the “bad guys” anymore. Now the “good guys” are after the children now.

I love these children as if they were siblings. They have encompassed my life in a way I had never thought possible. But it raises the concern with me, that what are people of my generation going to do when our kids get to the age to go outside in play? What about our kids’ children? Is it going to happen where we have no ability to even let our children walk to school, even with a buddy?

I’m raising concerns about when I have kids or when my kids will have children of their own. What is going to happen in the next 10, 25, or 30 years? Are we going to have more separation from parents and children to where all they do is play online with friends everywhere across the country but won’t have a conversation with their parents (AKA us).

Where is this country, this society, going? How can we teach our future generations to socialize face to face if they can’t go out and do anything? Which raises my entire viewpoint on why I’d rather live in a small town where everyone knows everyone. Yes, when I was growing up I felt like it was suffocating but now I know it was for the better. If anything happened or I got into trouble, who were going to find out? My parents. Who’s butt was going to get paddled? Mine. But now adults can’t even seem to raise their voices to children or discipline them without getting Child Protective Services.

Where will I future lay?



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