Hello Internet  universe,

Today’s  post is totally  and completely about small hometowns. I say, I will see you soon because I am going to be going back to my own.

When I was younger I hated  how confining it was but as I’ve started growing up, I have realized that it’s no different  in the city. So I have made the decision to move back home and continue my life there because if nothing is true then this is; if you’re not living your life now, then what are you living? Take it by the horns and start pushing because no matter if fate or destiny is real, got to take your life in your own hands.

Something about my hometown  has been drawing me back to it for years until I finally began to think, “if  I don’t like it here….why am I still here as an adult with an option to leave?”

So I pose this question to ya’ll: Would you move back to your hometown or stay where you are and why?

I’ll be back in a few days with more posts. I love everyone who reads my blogs and I’m grateful  to all of my followers and those who like my posts. But I will love each of you forever if you reblog  my posts you love and like me on Facebook !



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