Traits of the Creative Mind – Discipline and Playfulness

Hello Internet Universe,

Today’s blog is a following with the series about the traits of the creative mind and talking about our ease with thoughts and abilities but also the certain discipline that we must muster to be able to do what we do.

We have all of these ideas in our mind that we have to write down to keep us sane. And I’m sure that like me, most of you feel compelled to write. Maybe I’m a little off but sometimes I feel like I have to write to make what I’m trying to say sound more understandable to other people. Half the time, if I speak it doesn’t come out the way I hope. What happens to you when you don’t write things down?

But on top of our creativity we have to have the discipline to follow our ideas through. That could be really difficult at times, at least for me. Like right now, I pulled up a movie and trying to watch it while writing this blog which is causing me to take twice as long to write this all out.

My views, however, don’t quite matter compared to your own. Everyone’s opinions matter to themselves. And I am really getting off on a tangent now.

Either way, we possess an odd paradox within ourselves that make us who we are. We can read all these blogs and websites to see if what we know about ourselves is common or if we’re alone. But are we ever really alone? Especially in this day and age.

That’s it for today,



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