Welcome Internet Universe,

Today I come to tell you that Ambition is important. Without it, you will go no where.

Maybe you just like to write for fun, and by all means do so! It truly is a great hobby to have. It can help the most introverted of us all be able to communicate or at least learn to. If not writing, then reading.

For the rest of us, however, we need it to accomplish our dreams. Personally, my dream is to have a book published. But without ambition to do something, we do nothing. We are here, in my personal opinion, to do something. We must do something with our lives. We may not be the next Mother Teresa or Ghandi, but we can all accomplish something if it be families or friends. We mean something to someone.

Without, however, the ambition to go out and talk to people we will not have the people that rely on us to be there. Life isn’t just careers and money, it is people and relationships. That’s how I have my writing. If we didn’t have people in our lives, we’d be empty.

I have a friend who is extremely anti-social and very violence oriented and he just got a girlfriend and I have never seen him happier. We may be the independent people that we are, but we also like to have someone that we can talk about our day to and if we have a stressful day and have no one to talk to…What happens then? We get more stressed out and farther off target with what we want in life.

Every occupation has its stresses and we need that venting ability or we’ll lose our ambition to grow with it. Being a waitress, for example, has many ways to move ahead to being a shift manager to being a general manager, maybe even a district manager. There’s a way to move ahead and it can be stressful dealing with the people that come in where they act like they were raised by wolves.

We need the ambition to move forward and better ourselves. Like I said previously that if I don’t express my opinion, who will? It’s the same with amition. “If I don’t move ahead, who will?” If anyone were to do it, why not us?

If you want to write a book and be a best seller, then do it! Why don’t you? I know every excuse in the book and have used nearly all of them myself. But if you don’t feel like you deserve it, then no one else will believe you do either. Ambition also pairs hand in hand with self confidence. And if you don’t at least fake the self confidence, then your ambition will never be realized.

Much love to you all,


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