The Boys

Internet universe I welcome you,

First off, all of us vampire and supernatural fanatics have seen  The Vampire Diaries and/or True Blood. We have this fascination with the bad boy who turns soft for us with a hint of dangerous still in him, right?

This has made me begin to think about  what the psychology  is behind our obsession in everything  supernatural and bad boy related. Granted, I am no psychologistsand only took 1 year of psychology in High School but I came up with my own observations.

We want the man who will do anything for us, do anything we want. Is that what we all really need though?


Should we go for the Stefan or the Damon? The Bill (from season 1) or the Eric?


Which is why I am posing this question for my readers: is it more fulfilling as a person to go with whoever will respect your decisions and go along for the ride, OR have someone who is willing to challenge ever aspect of who we are from ourselves to our beliefs?

What do you think? Post your comments and do your thing readers!




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