How my goals help me

Internet universe  hello,

Last year I wrote a blog about setting a goal for yourself to be able to achieve what you want.

I just was posting an update about how it helps me to prove that it is a good idea.

In the last 2 months, even while performing 70 hours a week at my day job, I have written 68 pages. I gave myself until Christmas to write 64,000 words (which is the average for many novels that have been published). In those 68 pages I have reached 50,500 word count and still have a week or so to hit my mark. If I wouldn’t had set the goal for myself, I probably would not have made it this far.

Having a goal and making it is a better way to be able to motivate yourself in order to put words on the page. Sometimes life does get in the way and you cannot make your goals, that is understandable. And sometimes you just push yourself with words without taking quality into consideration.

One thing, however, about writing books (novels, short stories, nearly everything), revision is key. So if you feel as though your quality is suffering just remember you can always fix it in your revision stages. You’re main goal when writing your first draft is this: finish it.

It may suck at first, fix it. That’s why there are so many stages to writing because that gives us opportunities  in order to fix what we feel isn’t the best.

Keep that in mind when you’re working towards your goals. Everything can be fixed later, just finish your first draft and pick up on the problems during revisions.




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