Internet Universe!

So today is about taking breaks. I always pressure people to write and write no matter what, but I’ve never discussed breaks.

Of course, writing is our life. But just like anything else we can burn ourselves out on it. Sometimes, we just need a break.

I know it can be difficult, oh I know. You’re mind always racing about everything going on in your life, your characters, setting, etc. I have a problem  that I can’t turn off my brain.

But if you don’t get time to yourself, it will hurt you more than if you do. You sometimes need some time away to refresh so you don’t burn out. The sooner you can find your balance, the sooner you’ll be happy that you write.

Last year  about this time, I burned myself out. I did nothing but write. Blogs, diary, my book. It caused me to disconnect from everybody and everything.

Goals are great and needed, but you always need some time away. Have a little fun. Give your creativity a break so it can replenish  itself.

I’m looking out for you all,



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