Relationships 101: The Introduction to Writing a Romantic Relationship

Internet Universe,

Today’s post is how to start understanding the psychology behind the real relationships to make your fictional relationships more believable.

We need to have realistic characters in order to engage our readers. If your character is not relatable, realistic or have goals and a motivation: no one cares. Our job as writings is to weave a great yarn that causes people to have emotions about our characters. They have to care, if they don’t then why should you? Go big, or go home.

For the realism for your relationships you have to understand your characters individually in order to understand how they are together. It’s the Laws of Attraction at its finest.

We’ll get into it more later on, right now I’m just introducing you to the concept. Take some of your experiences and put it into your relationships, if possible. If you have ever seen that post floating around the internet saying: “I am a writer, anything you do or say can end up in a novel.” There’s our disclaimer people! Don’t worry about who you might make mad (you know your first boyfriend that had that huge nose that inspired you to create a bird character who plots to dominate planet Earth with Hitler Jr.?). Just do what you do best, write.

There’s a couple ways to write that you will learn later on in the series such as Technique Writing and Method Writing. Think of it like this, your technique is your life. And Method Writing is like being an Actor in your favorite show except you become your character.

Now that we have formalities out of the way…

See you soon,



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