Laws of Attraction and the Principles

Internet Piggly-Wigglies!

Welcome to number three of my relationship series. Here’s some of the psychology to why we like just who we do. Which is why you’re character is at a bar and goes for the guy dancing versus the guy in the corner with glasses!

The Laws are Simple:

  1. Physical Attraction
  2. Mental Attraction
  3. Proximity
  4. Exposure and Familiarity
  5. Similarity

I’m sure you’re wondering why I’m even bringing up real psychology into anything dealing with the world of Fiction. Buuuut guess what?! Fiction has a foothold in reality no matter what you do. Some time you’ve felt how the character felt. It’s to be expected.

Yes, write what you know is what they always say. Don’t. You’re better than that. Write what you believe, what you see. You have an imagination and a writer’s gene. Don’t limit yourself to just what you know. Make a situation and go for it. Doesn’t matter as long as it’s relatable.

When I say realistic, Science Fiction writers are thinking, “My world NaNu has giant robot elephants as dictators! How can that be real?”

  1. We don’t know if there is a planet out there with robo-elephant overlords out there. We barely can make up our mind if Pluto is a planet or not.
  2. Relatable characters are what we should be more concerned with. If So-So Suzy is duct taped to a wall and previously been a bad-ass, why would we be able to relate to her crying as if she was a failure? Symmetry in your characters and your world.

Thus bringing me back to Laws of Attraction. They are evident in our society and can bring our other worldly characters back down to Earth. Make the reader care because they will understand you better if you have something connecting to why the Blue girl wants to date the Ogre with Acne. (Can ogres even have acne?)

We always are attracted to a persons physical appearance before anything. The appearance is what makes us dig up everything else about the person (I’m not talking crazy stalker girls who google everything about a guy they just met, I mean asking the guy reasonable questions.) us want to get to know the person.

After that, we have to actually have stuff in common with the person, just not everything. Opposites attract and like poles repel. But because of all of that we will be able to create a mental attraction that ensures a mental attractiveness between the couple. Thus insert relatable and realistic.

Whatever you do, DO NOT HAVE THE LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT STUFF. Too gooey, too soon? “Hello, I’m checking out and want a refund. Thanks.” Realistic, guys!

And of course, proximity. In an internet millenial age we are all online but are we really going to marry someone that we’ve never met? Not likely, so don’t plan that for your character. Also the closer in proximity the more exposure and the more familiar. That creates a comfort and similarities.

“Omgosh, they all connect! It’s like a how-to guide to why I chose that one loser in the bar!”

And you know what I just did there? The relationship between your characters has grown just like in real life. Creating, no, realism! Yay for reader interest!

The only difference is, we get to play with our characters cycles. When we know what they want to do and their goals, which read the last post and you will understand the goal is to move forward basically, we ruin it! We get to be maniacal.

Suzy and Joe Bob are on a date, how cute. What’s the worst that could happen? That’s what should be asked right? And then we get to make the worst happen and add in more drama, which creates high emotion, thus tension. Wait… It all correlates!

I had a lot of fun writing this one, hope you liked reading it!




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