How To – Beginning of the Relationship

Universe Internet Peoples,

Welcome to another Relationship Series Post. I’m trying to get all of these out of the way, as quickly as possible. I’ve been going through a move over the Christmas time and I’m trying to settle in, so bare with me.

I’ve talked about everything for the background of the relationship, yet I haven’t explained how to write it. So I have split it up into sections based of the Laws of Attraction. Here we go, correlating with Physical Attraction, time to start.

We all know men, they want the attractive twenty something, right? Well biologically it’s embedded into their evolutionary subconscious, not like that is an excuse. So we have to understand why. It’s simple: Fertility. Men think younger women are more fertile, thus going for younger women. Women, however, seek out relatively older men (generally.) But women are more complex than that.

Studies show that men are more apt to choose a female who is younger and looks healthier than a woman who has a higher education and career. Men take attractiveness over the status of the woman. Women actually choose status over the attractiveness of their partner. So why is that?

Women, just like men, have it genetically coded to go for the man with status for fertility purposes. They can take care of her while she takes care of the kids. We’ve already discussed how attractive people have it easier, but the status of the man shows he’s hard working and can still be so when the woman is taking care of the kids. (“That’s so 1950’s!”) Actually, it’s not. Yes, women work. But even today, men are known to make more money for the same job as a woman. They are seen as the “bread winners”. It’s reality, thus needs to be written. (Unless you have a world domineered by women, if so, let me know.)

Why does this matter for the beginning of the relationship? Because, there’s competition for everyone. There is always someone better, insecurities! So, why did they choose each other? Here is where to show it. Why did he choose your character (say a thirty-five year old mother of four), over the twenty year old? Is he infertile? Does he not care? Why? Show us.

Why did your female character choose him? He just too gorgeous to pass up? Or can he take care of her so she can stay home and eat bon-bons with the imaginary children? Show us.

Beginning of every relationship there is a honeymoon period, show it. They’re ridiculously happy! Show it so you can demolish it. Remember, you have to be sick, sadistic even to create your conflict. We need to see them as they are torn down, brick by brick. Shows character. Shows motivation. Shows us WHY.

So you’re thinking, why are you so long winded with these? Right? Well think about it. You can write what you want. It doesn’t matter what you want to publish or not. Publish your best work. I’m just trying to give you every tool that I can to help. We have a relationship, not romantic. But all relationships are built on trust, communication, similarities and differences. Bring into your work your all. I want to know that you were able to do your best with everything that you do. That’s a healthy relationship.

Psych! Got another lesson! So, are they healthy or unhealthy in the relationship? What are their problems? What are their strengths? Why should they be together? Do they support each other like I support you?

Anyway, have at it! Tune in a couple days for another one!



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