Similarities & Differences

Welcome to Similarities and Differences,

You’ve graduated from Relationships 101! Yay! Now to dig deep, deep down and fall in love with your characters. You can’t have a relationship with someone you don’t really know, neither can your characters. So, get to know them so you can set them up. Who knows, they may surprise you.

Love Triangles are common in anything dealing drama and romance. Someone likes someone who likes someone else, etc and usually the female is trying to figure out which one to choose. This is used so much because this in itself is a conflict and tension raiser.

You have to understand that you if you use the love triangle, you have to root for both of the guys. Make us unsure which one the girl will pick. What does she like about one that the other doesn’t have? What would make us want to stick both parties into a merger machine to create the perfect man?

Say we have three characters: Jack, Suzy, and Martin.  Jack is twenty-four, plays guitar, gorgeous smile, funny, kind, protective almost to a fault. He’s an extrovert and what do they posses? The tendency for a short temper. There’s his fault. Martin, however, is a desk clerk at the county sheriff’s office, about thirty-two. There’s nothing special in how he looks, people would rate him about a six out of ten. He keeps to himself and doesn’t go out much. He’s an introvert, which are prone to depression and anxiety.

So we have Suzy. She’s attractive, hitting about an eight out of ten. She’s outgoing, even-tempered, she likes to go out with friends but when she’s on a date she prefers something a little more relaxed. She’s an all around good person, however, she has a tendency to get neurotic. She does what she does because she feels that she has to, that she has to do what society expects. She’s twenty-two and the majority of her friends are married and have kids. She’s constantly wondering why she can’t get married and have a kid. Thus the choice.

Who do you think would be better for her? Jack? Martin?

Think about it, Martin is the obvious choice because of Suzy’s Superego controlling her. But he’s relaxed and easy going. He’s at the age that men start thinking they should get married if they haven’t yet. But Suzy is a tad neurotic and doesn’t really want to do what she thinks she should. Her Id constantly fights for the primitive. Jack is gorgeous! He’s a bit of a party-animal, but have you seen those eyes?

See what I did there? Now she has to fight with herself (Simple Motivation, Conflict) to reach the next step for either. Society says to go for Martin but deep down Suzy wants Jack. Who will she pick? Why?

This boils down to specific traits and interests of all three characters. The traits have been laid out already and Suzy’s mind is okay with all of them for either guy. Even though both have their faults. So what are they interested in?

Suzy looked at Jack’s eyes to see if he was lying.

“Are you serious?” she asked. “I would never think that you’re favorite food was Pig’s Feet!”

“I am very serious, my mom is from Georgia and made the best pickled pig’s feet!” he said with a laugh.

“I never tried them.”

“Maybe I can figure out a way to make some for you,” he coyly replied.

So we have an interest, a favorite. He likes Pig’s Feet, she never had them before. There’s a difference. Let’s say that Martin likes a good Garlic Shrimp with White Rice. Plays it safe.

Why is Suzy, at this point, more prone to pick Jack? Differences believe it or not. We need to have similarities between partners, but the differences is what makes us grow as an individual and a pair. Martin doesn’t show Suzy any growth potential.

Women go for status over looks right? It’s not black-and-white. It depends on the person.

Tell me who you think Suzy should end up with in the comments below!



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