Similarities & Differences Part Two


I didn’t get to tell you quite a few things that I wanted to in my last post. There was a lot I left out, I’m sorry. We know, I get on tangents and then next thing I know, long blog.

So here’s where I tell you stuff about tension and ask you why, again. Instead of lecturing, I’m going to ask you. You can answer on your own or in the comments below. In a couple days I will check up on everything and explain it all for you in a part three.

Here’s your questions:

  1. Why are your characters together?
  2. Why is the relationship between them a character of its own?
  3. How do the similarities between the characters bring tension?
  4. How does the differences between the characters bring conflict?
  5. What traits do you think work well together?
  6. What traits are like oil and water?
  7. What level are they in according to Laws of Attraction?
  8. What is their motivation to stay together?
  9. Why shouldn’t they be together?
  10. Why should I care if they are together, or not?

So there you have it. Think it over, reread previous posts if you would like to and I’ll see you here in a few days!




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