Proximity and Other Characters

Internet Peoples, welcome to another installment of the Relationship series.


Today we’re going to talk about the Proximity of your characters and what that means for your relationships. One thing, and the most important of them all, you can’t marry someone you’ve never met. Thus for, your characters actually have to meet. They have to be near each other, no matter what you have to find a common grounds for them to actually meet each other in order to grow into a relationship.

I have paired this Laws of Attraction with adding in other characters because Proximity is a really easy concept to grasp. Other characters, however, being easy can be a tad more complicated to actually perform the task.

You don’t just have two characters in your book to where they can’t ever be interrupted. Think about this, they have to have conflict. What’s a better way to add conflict in the relationship and plot line than to add in other characters to the mix?

The majority of novels have plenty of characters, so even if you have to make up one out of the blue it will work. Someone, somewhere has to disagree with the arrangement and try to make it worse for the relationship. That’s the only hope into maintaining the tension and the conflict that is needed to keep your reader engaged.

That’s it for today,



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