Mental Attraction and Feelings

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Today is all about the mental attraction and feelings of your characters, thus the title.

If you want to take a step back, feel free to read the Similarities and Differences posts because those will play a huge part in the attraction and the feelings of your characters in the relationship. One thing I also want to add after seeing a movie that Is a sequel. I don’t want to say the movie that way I don’t offend or upset anyone but what I want to add is that if you have a male in the relationship, make sure it’s known that they are the male. Yes, some men can pose feminine qualities, but don’t overdo it. I saw the first of the series and loved how the male character was with his equal parts masculine with feminine qualities as well, but in the second one, they over did how feminine he really is. It was such a turn off to any other movies that they could have in the series. Thus the reminder to keep your men masculine unless it is entirely necessary in the plot line for them to be more feminine.

Here we are going to be thinking about Emotional Triggers. What is it in your characters that trigger their emotions? Everyone is different and so must our characters. If you have the same background for all of the characters then you will have the same responses which make the characters less full and the reader will lose interest. What made the man in the second movie more feminine?  Why did he fall in love with the girl? What makes your character who they are and what triggers how they act or feel depending on the situation and their backstory. Your characters are supposed to be full, vibrant even. Let them be.

Finally, I’m going to touch up on a couple ways people write. You can do everything listed above in one of two ways or blend them into your own unique style. We love unique, so that would probably be the best route. Stand out. Method Writing: the act of putting yourself into your character and writing everything. Then there is technique writing (which I believe is only good for those doing an autobiography): is where you take your own experiences and put them into your writing. How many of us writing a romance novel have been put into a barn with the rain pouring around us where the man tells us he loves us? Not many. So why would that work unless you can add a little method into the mix. Think of yourself as an actor on paper, and go from there.

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