Let’s forget the polite greeting for today. This is a subject I’ve seen so much debate about and I have got to put my opinion out there.

To be a writer, do you have to go to college?

All I have to say is No. You do not have to do anything. Does it help? Yes. But not a necessity if you have the fundamentals of grammar and language.

I will admit, thus far I have yet to go to college for writing or even English. Am I going to go to college? Yes. I plan to this fall. However, it isn’t a necessity to be done tomorrow to do it.

Also depends on what you’re writing though. Journalism you can freelance but don’t make a ton of money. Go to college. Novelists? Well if you can spin a good story, then why waste the money to go to learn where to put a period? Yes, I always feel like college is a good step and foundation, but unless you have a passion worth spending 100k+ on, find yourself first.



2 thoughts on “College

  1. I agree with you in some ways, but other ways not so much. You can weave a great tale without going to college, but it’s definitely helpful to have that college education if pursuing a writing career. After I graduated with my English writing degree, I was a far better writer. The time I spent in college taught me how to edit myself, taught me the best form of grammar, taught me how to write query letters and pushed me to maintain a blog. Best decision as a writer I’ve ever made. So is college a have-to? No, not really, but it’s super, super helpful. Thanks for sharing.


    1. I wasn’t stating not to go to college. I was sharing how it isn’t a necessity, but did say it could help. I just believe those with talent could gain the skill. But the skill doesn’t matter if there is no talent.

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