Blogging the Writer’s Block

I’ve been doing some “Googling” about what I could possibly write about! I’ve already covered Relationships, how to build your characters, setting, etc. But I haven’t quite got an idea what else I could possibly uncover.

I could talk about the publication process, or possibly give you some clue to the book coming out in July. But what good would that do the hobbyist? I could write about day to day life, but what good would that do for the career writer?

So I’ve come to a conclusion. I am going to write about everything, everyone that I can think of. How about a little fun conversations that I’ve dealt with at the bar that I currently work at? Or perhaps how to come up with more character concepts by just walking around the mall?

Keep in mind, all of those who have a hard time blogging, the box is only as big as you make it. Think inside, outside, through… BREAK THAT BOX! (Just not the Tardis, because you will make some of us very sad.)

Thanks a bunch! And keep reading,



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