Your First Challenge

Hello Internet Readers!

Tonight I’m just writing a quick blog to get things moving along for the week. I have a couple posts already scheduled to appear, but when that is I will leave a mystery! (*insert spooky noises here*)

I have been fiddling with some ideas for what I could possibly write about and I have come up with a couple good ones.

  1.  Challenge #1: Question and Answer.
    1. Due on the 29th of every month, I challenge all of you to email me your questions. It can be on anything and I will go forth and research. Once I’m done with researching (if needed), I will post my opinion in a blog dedicated to the question. Granted, if it is a short, easily explained answer, I will probably load all of the questions into one full length blog.
    2. Each month, I will choose a topic of those that have been emailed to me (find email below) and answer. Depending on the most commonly asked questions I will pick the winner and announce it three days before the answer.
  2. Blog Posts
    1. I have already played with the idea of sending out weekly updates depending on the responses. In one day I have gotten four likes for the last update. These are updates on my personal as well as professional life.
    2. Anything that is for writing or the publishing process that I am currently attending to will have a separate blog post about it.
    3. So far, I don’t have a lot of communications from my readers and I challenge you to blow up my inbox. Make it where I cannot answer every email that has been mailed to me.
  3. Rewrites of old posts
    1. Looking back on some of the older posts that I have made, my plan is to rework and rewrite them for you. If the previous posts were of no use to you, let me know. I will find any way that I can to help everyone out there that wants to accomplish their dreams of being a writer.
    2. My byline states that I am an author, a reader, here to help everyone. So, send me some posts or links to things that you think I should take a look at. Whether they relate to my old posts or not.
  4. Communication
    1. I don’t know what you want to read, so email me. Let me know. If you’re stuck on a scene and think a pair of fresh eyes will help you out, email me. If you’re just unsure how to hook your reader, email me.
    2. I have posts before about communication in the relationships of your characters, so even though writers tend to be introverted, don’t think of me as a person if you have to. I am a NPC (non-playable character, if you do not know).
  5. Challenge #2
    1. On the 14th of every month, I have a deadline set for any works that you want me to look over.
    2. Works that you send me will not have blogs made about them, unless otherwise specified by you.
  6. Reblogging
    1. This is for everyday, every minute that you can spare. I want all of you to reblog, share, pin, etc. I don’t just mean my own blogs (although it will be helpful), I mean any blog that you feel the world should know about.
    2. We are more than people browsing online. We are our own community. As the few writers left, we have to unite and help out those that need it. Even those who don’t. We should share our respect, our love for our craft.


Thank you for reading through this abnormally long post and I look forward to hearing from you!




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