Surprise! Here is an excerpt for ‘Revenge’, due out in July.


The rest of the ride, only a mere few hours left, they did not speak or acknowledge the other. She knew that once they got off at the station in New Orleans, he would approach her. He would be stubbornly questioning her and continue to follow her, but only if she would not answer anything that he wanted to know.

Screeching to a halt, the train’s horn blared through the darkness. Finnigan got to his feet as Mrs. Pierce went down the steps onto the solid ground. The sounds of parties rose through the air and she began her way to the middle of the Quarter. She loved New Orleans because that was her home. The old buildings and the happy people knew her quite well. She was born on the corner of Bourbon Street and the middle of no where. Now there was another street intercepting her childhood home’s lot, but she could not think of it. Her history and her future was to be set here, she knew that. It was her life. Finnigan, however, she knew had little future. He only wanted one thing and one thing alone, love. For people like them it did not exist.

Mrs. Pierce knew of one couple long ago that pledged themselves to be together until the day they died. After two hundred years, he left her. Forever was not easy and she did not know how to explain to Finnigan that the best way to protect himself is to avoid love all together. She had given up years before he was born, the only people she loved were her children. They were all that she needed or ever wanted. Now having Finnigan’s mentor taking over the country, they were at stake. Everyone she had ever sired would surely die, one by one. Her ex-husband sure was one for the dramatic.

“Where are we going?” Finnigan asked from a hundred feet behind her.

“You are not supposed to still be following me,” she responded, turning her head around to see him. “Go party with the other people your age.” She wanted to laugh since he may look in his twenties, he was older than anyone could give him credit for.

“Take me wherever you were going. You did want me to follow you, correct?” he questioned. Mrs. Helina Pierce was not going to give in that easily.

“We’re going to meet a girl,” she confided.

With a sigh of lost memories that she could not revisit tonight, she began for the county jail. Instead of heading for the front door, however, she went for the back of the building. There, hidden behind a wood pile, laid an old door that was bolted shut. Quietly, she moved all of the logs and took out a key from her clutch purse. It went into the lock easily and the door began to open itself.

Soundless steps down the stone staircase they went three full circles down until the room opened up to another hallway. She stopped halfway to a cavern and motioned for Finnigan to continue. He moved past her and emerged into the dark room. He pulled the match book from his pocket and lit the torch to see a sleeping girl curled up in a corner. The gate keeping her in the cell kept him from her. A slight move of her body and the hair fell away from her face. Those cheekbones and round face became clear to him that he knew the girl.


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