This week.. Man has it been one

I know I have stated that I am going to start posting about my life. Not just my online life, but my life in the tangible world.

Well, here it goes.

I wish my life was more of a novel that the mess that it has turned to be. This past week, I have done so many things that deter me from writing, blogging, etc. I’ve been working at the bar, having problems with a specific customer. (Long story about that, don’t really want to get into that one).

Being a writer, I have different ways that I look upon the majority of the world around me. However, I’m rather introverted and respectful when it comes to my social dealings. So my only rant that I would have for this last week would to be respectful.

Women are not objects and when we say to back off, then back off.

This week hasn’t been horrendous, though. I know the way that my tone in my writing seems, it’s been just a little tough at the most. Now my list for the good things to happen this week.

1. It was Mother’s Day, thus giving us writers perfect reason to interact with our families.
2. I got flowers and told that “Fur baby mama’s matter too.”

So having one bad experience for the week and two good ones evens it out to a decent week.



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