Haven -My Review

Internet people,

Here is the first of hopefully many reviews. Now I know that Haven was taken off the air at Syfy last December, but I just now finished the series. 

I lost interest originally because of working on the days it was on or just being too tired to care, this was around season 3 or so. 

Now, having rediscovered Haven (if you do not know it is based off of Stephen Kings ‘The Colorado Kid’) I have to say that being a closet emotional person, the end got to me. 

Yes, skeptics of the show will say that all of the lines that were drawn in this series were not fulfilled are right. However, that is to be expected. From just watching part A and B of season five I felt it was a tad rushed. 

Downfalls that I have caught: 

  • Between s5 e25-26 (the two part finale that aired December 17th, 2015) there seemed to be a missing piece. Aka when did they have time to build the new barn and where did the idea of using the armory ever come up? 
  • S1-3 seemed a little slowly paced compared to 3-5B. Season 3 overloaded Its watchers, in my opinion, 28th information that could have been subtly introduced into the slower seasons. 
  • Some of the plot lines were not fully realized to their potential. 
  • I may have missed it, but in s5a half way through, Jordan just vanishes. I could have missed what happened, feel free to comment to correct me. 

Now despite the downfalls, the writing was indeed magical. Even though a downfall was that s1-3 were slow, we got to fall in love with the characters. This only increased as the seasons progressed. Falling in love with the idea of Nathan and Audrey was what kept me binge watching this full series for two weeks to see what happens next (thank you Netflix for having the autoplay feature). 

In case not all of you reading this have fully watched Haven, I will not go into more description of the final episodes other than the previous statement about the armory. All I know is that watching this journey, even though it was quite the rollercoaster, was satisfying. 

There are not many shows that I will willingly binge watch but those that I do create such a spark with there characters. 

Thus bringing me to my point in reviewing Haven. “We come for the plot, we stay for the people.” That is what I firmly believe. 

This is a tip that I will stress to every writer that I will ever meet. You’re readers, watchers, what have you, will begin because of the idea but will stay for their attachment to the characters. 

Thank you for reading this and any comments are welcome.



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