I should be asleep, but I started thinking. Deeply. 

I was thinking about blogs and what to write. I’m posting the updated conflict and tension blog Thursday morning once it’s perfect. 

But then I thought of photography and how a single photo can bring on so many feelings. Just like a favorite song bringing back memories a piece of art can enable us to be more than ourselves. 

How does this work with writing, you ask? Well, here’s the answer. The last book you read, did you not see the scenes floating through your mind? To feel and connect with your main character so deeply that when something went wrong for them you wanted to help? A good work of fiction is like a wonderful work of art. But multiply it. We see the scenes, no… Experience them. 

We get so many pictures throughout the entire piece that our emotions amplify. 

As a writer, my goal is to connect with my reader. To make my reader care about my people that I create. Granted, I am a huge fan of torturing my characters. To bring out the best and worst of them. But it shows us through other people’s mind the generalized human condition. 

Every generation makes it stand. But what is our stance? What makes us 20 something’s important?  To all my fellow writers I ask this of you: are you happy with what history we’re leaving behind? Why should people care about us? 

Because we are deep feeling people who, I like to believe, have the best in mind. Yes, we are all partying, college or have families already. How can we show how we are worth caring about? 

By not delivering books, but delivering art. We all have something to say, something we want people to understand. As writers we test out our heart’s and serve them on a silver platter for strangers to read. 

All I am trying to say is that we should stand for something. Something important. As humans we are social creatures, so show it! 

Of all emotions the strongest are fear and love. Sometimes they comingle and we end up fearing to love when we aren’t afraid of love but the hurt that comes with it. So if you are afraid to send out your books, poetry, stories, ANYTHING… Do it. The worst they can say is no and there’s always more fish in the sea. Try again, learn from your mistakes and show that you really are worth it. But do it for yourself. 

You cannot please everyone, so work on making yourself happy. 

I hope the best for you in all of your endeavors and sorry for the late night rant,

Much love,



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