Hey internet peoples!

So I had a few minutes to get on and talk to you all. I know it’s been forever! 

I have an update on ‘Revenge’, it’s being printed as we speak. Its going to be amazing! 

But my main topic I wanted to cover sounds a little strange as you can see in the title. 

I personally have found a way that helps me write. And I wanted to share it with you in hopes that it can help you, too. 

For every book that I write (including my “trunk” books as Stephen King calls them), I create a soundstrack. Depending on the weighing of the scene in importance I will create a specific soundtrack for that as well. 

People have iTunes or YouTube and such. I use both for creating it and find it best when I’m writing when my friends are playing video games. But from my understanding, the music is designed to keep the person playing focused on the game. (Don’t quote me on this, this is what I was told.) 

So, after hearing that I started making private video playlists on YouTube of just video game music as well as just the instrumentals of other music also. And it truly does work, for me. 

As I well know, writers love words so if you choose to use lyrical music, it’s your preference. Comment below your favorite songs to write to and we’ll see what the most common song(s) are. 

My go to list includes: 

1.Savin’ Me by Nickelback

2. Fight Song by Rachel Platten 

3. Welcome to my World by Simple Plan 

4. What it’s like to burn by Finch

Plus many, many others. These are just my four go-to’s for every playlist. 

See you later peoples, 



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