Playing with ideas… 

So my internet peoples, 

When my book comes out you’ll see how nerdy I truly am so I figured that I might as well out myself as a nerd now. Haha. 

So there’s this game I’ve been playing for yearrrrssss (somewhere about 11 years now?) Well, I’m sure most of you all have at least heard about it. The Sims (trademarked, and I cannot find the little symbol to save my life!)  

Now that I’ve officially came out of my nerd closet (little joke not meant to be offensive to anybody). I’ve been thinking about doing videos once I get my new computer of the Sims. I actually use the game to help with my writing a great deal more than one would expect. 

I like the newest one (Sims4) to an extent for being able to customize so much in the Create-A-Sim (CAS) portion. I can really develop my characters looks and personality just the way I see fit. Plus I can create their “style” in their outfits, color choices, as well as build them houses and such. 

What are your ideas? 



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