My day in a nutshell…

So, I am trying to post more but life just keeps kicking. 

I wake up relatively early, I suppose. Latest on weekend’s usually 9 or so. Weekdays are where the fun happens. I wake up at 5:30 am est Monday through Friday. I take my friend’s kids to school and get back home around 9:30 am. Depending of there’s shopping to do, I take a nap until 11 am so I can get ready to work until 6 pm. 

After I get out of work (sometimes as late as 7:30), I’m exhausted.

I’ve made a new promise to myself that I should have made long ago. My computer is going to be taken with me EVERYWHERE. I’m going to post and schedule on my days off, no matter how tired I am. 

You guys and my sequel are going to be my main priorities from here on out. 

I love you all and glad you come to my blog. 



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