How I write ( in order )

Internet peoples, 

This is my opener for a series coming up. This is going to be a detailed experience about how I write. This post is just a summary and will help you get started to understand the method to my madness. 

  1. Set up

Step one: Plot or Character (whichever comes first)

Step two: Character or Plot (whatever you didn’t do in the previous step)

Step three: Setting

Step Four: Research 

2. Get Started

Step one: Summary 

Step two: Write the First two scenes

Step three: Ending and/or Climax

Step Four: Important Scenes

3. Type Up

Step one: finish all the important scenes

Step two: type what you have in order they appear in the book

Step three: print it 

Step Four: read and note take for fluff and transitions 

4. Fluffies

Step one: look at your notes and begin at the beginning tying in scenes

Step two: print it

Step three: more notes

Step Four: look at your notes and start adding in descriptions

5. Rewrite

Step one: print it

Step two: read and notes for the rewrite

Step three:  rewrite in entirety

Step Four: are you happy?

6. Rewrite #2

Step one: repeat 5 over and over until you’re happy

Step two: print it and set aside for a month

Step three: read printed copy and look for any errors in grammar or story line

Step Four: fill in your subplots 

7. Rewrite #____ 

Step one: repeat 5

8. Betas

Step one: print out a copy for yourself

Step two: email avid readers and ask them for their love and hate comments. Insist on both. 

Step three: read your print out and see if you’re willing to change to the betas requests 

Step Four: fix up

9. Send to your editor or find a publisher. 

10. Prepare to rewrite again 

11. Wait

12. Wait

13. Delievery 

14. Your fight still isn’t over. Market
That’s all I have for you until next week. I’ll be doing more character diagrams and other necessities and will post them. 




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