How I write series, Part One: The Set Up 

Internet peoples everywhere! 

Here is my first part of the series I talked about on November 28th. 

Today is all about the First steps I take to set up my novels. 

Previously, I gave a quick overview of what I will be talking about for all of you wonderful followers I have obtained. 

In order to set up a good novel, be prepared for the work. Long haul work, because after you’ve finished and published, you still have a lot of work to do! 

I always set up my characters first after I get a premise for my plot line. Sometimes I even go through and have my characters first and fit a plot line to go around them. In Young Adult fiction, the main goal I have is to see character progression. 

None of it matters, however, without a good plot. I have a few previous posts about character description templates I use in order to learn more about them. But I usually will have a basis before I jot anything down. 

Sometimes a character just doesn’t want to cooperate. So when that happens I start to write scenes in order to make them tell me who they are. I cannot stress enough that a character is a person. Your person. Your best friend. If the reader can’t see the reality in your characters, they won’t make it through the book. 

Don’t fret! When I finish my series you will know all that I have done to make ‘Revenge’ happen. So far, even only being out a month, I have received great reviews!

The next part will be up with more specifics as I delve you deeper into my system. Its complicated, but works. I will be moving to a cute town home this weekend so expect it the Tuesday after next. 

Thank you all,



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