Publication in a nutshell…

Internet people,

I figured I’ll give a quick tip for publishing. More like a few and explain the process a little in the meantime. 

1. Four months is not four months. 

When I delivered my manuscipt to the publisher, he estimated the outdate to be in July. Trust me when I say, everything that can go wrong, will. 

2. Be patient and understanding. 

The publisher wants to make money to. So if you’re not their main priority, don’t be offended. You’re still on the list to be up. It takes time. 

3. Publishing is only half the battle. 

“I’ll get published and sell out of my books!” That was me back in March. But after publishing, traditional or otherwise, you have to learn to market. It will take loads of time and you will forget which way is up. I promise you that. 

In the process of actually publishing the book don’t expect there to be no changes. You think your rewrites prior to delivery were all you would have to do? Ha! Just you wait! After my delivery, I had to fluff paragraphs and delete paragraphs. It happens. It is still your work either way. Make sure you approve everything that they do. 

Make it significant, make it matter. 



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