“I am a writer, I swear!” 

Authors and writers everywhere,

I’m sure we’ve all had the thought, “Please don’t let the NSA be watching my search history. I swear I’m not actually…”

1. Planning on killing someone.

2. Poisoning someone.

3. Trying to figure out how to cover up a real crime. 

4. I don’t actually think I’m a fairy, I just need to see what it would feel like!

5. I don’t actually do illegal drugs, I just need to know what the effects are!

I have had the craziest searches online and each time I tell myself, you’re a writer it’s okay! 

Let’s put it this way. I believe that writing is one of the only professions where you’re encouraged to talk to imaginary friends. We’re insane, but we use a creative outlet making it okay. Right? 

So NSA, FBI, SVU, or whoever is reading this…If my search history contains random things like how to make a cake then immediately after looking up how people bleed from different areas… Don’t arrest me! I promise it’s just research! 

Haha, thought this would be a fun blog to write. 

Hope you liked it,



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