It’s Christmas Time

During this season we have people scrambling to buy gifts. People wondering how to pay their bills so their loved one’s get gifts. 

What is it that everyone forgets? Love. They forget that Christmas isn’t about the gifts, the money you spent, or the tree. 

Christmas is about two things: Christians celebrating the birth of Christ and family. 

Family is my point here. Family isn’t necessarily blood relatives in my eyes. Family is those who accept you and love you for you. Blood can disappoint and blood doesn’t mean you’re tied together for life. 

Family is anything from a friend to anyone who is in your life that you’re thankful for. 

So, all I ask is for everyone to remain thankful during this season and forgetting the pricetags. Gifts are great, but don’t break your bank and not be able to pay rent. Just please, have a wonderful Christmas and Happy Holidays to those who don’t celebrate Christmas. 

With much love and thankfulness of all of you, 


P.S. Enjoy your snow for the rest of us who don’t see it! 


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