How I Write Part Three: Getting Started

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You might be confused that I have “skipped” ahead to getting started and we’re only in part three… Hmmm? Confused? Check out part two (and part one) if you haven’t read them yet.

Here I am going to just summarize the steps I use to get started, see my post next week to see the full break down. Warning: My breakdown blogs get very long, so be prepared for a lot of reading.

So let’s get this party started!

Step One: Summary

Why are you writing this piece? Write down the basics of what you want to happen and go from there using the following steps. 

Step Two: The First Two Scenes 

You don’t know where you’re going unless you know where you’ve been. Be sure to know this by writing the first two. 

The first couple scenes set up your character’s normalcy. Are they used to pterodactyls or advanced alien tech? Show us before you go too far deep into your plot. 

Step Three: Ending/Climax

Write up where you’re going. If you don’t know where or what your climax will be, then how can you foreshadow in previous chapters? 

Also, this keeps you motivated through the dull times that will inevitably be in your piece. Not everyone fights 24/7. 

Finally, Step Four: Important Scenes

Now to do the middle. Write all your important scenes, personality changes, plot twists, etc. Also think about your subplot. Write some of those scenes as well. 

I put my work in this order because I find it keeps me motivated to do more and helps maintain loose ends and stay on track. Especially when creating your own world. 

Sorry this was a day late! I screwed up my scheduling! I’m sorry! 




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