My New Year’s Message

Internet friends, 

I want to talk to you about what I believe the New Year is all about. We all probably believe the same thing, or close to it. 

The end of 2016 was an end of a cycle for me. No, I don’t have Resolutions necessarily. But while doing research on quotes to put up here and waiting for one to “speak” to me… I found one that basically said to appreciate people in your life more and tell them how much you love them. 

I’m not much of a family oriented person when it comes to blood relatives. I know some of my family might read this, but it is true. Through my life I have seen people who have no stakes in helping me do it. I have seen people care with their entire being. And very few were blood related. 

This is where I have to say to my family reading this (if there are any), thank you. 

But this isn’t about my family or friends. This is about me and hopefully having the ability to inspire someone out there. 

This year is my new beginning. My beginning of caring about me and mine before everything else. I want to say “I love you” more often and I want to appreciate everything that has happened and will happen in the future. 

Lately, I have forgotten who I am in the midst of marketing, blogging, working, and writing my sequel to ‘Revenge’. And this is where I firmly belive that even though I’m human, I make mistakes. The mistakes don’t make me. My past has made me who I am today. My hardships and support systems make me who I am today. 

And I want everyone to know that is reading this, if you need someone to talk to. A so-called stranger who isn’t in your life. I am willing to listen. I will not post your questions or our conversations anywhere. You have a friend in me. 

I know what it’s like to feel alone. So I guess my New Year’s Resolution is no more than to make those in my life feel more appreciated and pass the hope along to those who need it. I know what it’s like to not have a close family, so you will always have me. 

With much love and gratitude,



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