How I Write Series Part four: The Typing

So internet friends,

 Sorry about the late posting and getting my days mixed up! 

Step One: Important Scenes

I usually write everything in notebooks before typing them up but when I do type them, I start with the important scenes.

This gives me time to quickly revise them as I type them to fit them in with other scenes I’ve already handwritten. 

Step Two: In Order

Once everything is compiled into multiple word documents, now is your chance to write them in order in one document. Once you see the chronological sequence, you can make notes about the transitions. 

Step Three: PRINT!

I cannot stress printing out at this point enough. This way if you don’t have a backup copy you can have a hard copy. 

This also makes it easier to make additional notes. You can physically out notes to what you want to put and where you want it. 

This is the first step to a complete first draft. 

Step Four: Notes

You have written plenty of notes, right? Nope. Once you have them written down, do a quick read through and add more!

How can you make the scenes more dangerous? Crucial? Heart-wrenching? Do it. 

Once you have add in notes completed start working on fluffing. You have the brutal down, now make it pretty. 

Why do they live in the apocalypse? What do they do in their freetime? Why are they at war? 

This gives you a chance to expand your subplot more.

Just remember: A writer starts the novel, the reader finishes it. -Stephen King. 

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