How I Write Part Five: The Fluffies

So you have printed out your prior scenes? Checked them over at 2 am with a pot of coffee or three? 

You’re not done yet! 

Step One: Ties

Start making notes and writing in the transitions in order to get from scene A to scene B. Do this for the entirety. Make notes about physical descriptions as well. Keep them consistent. 

Step Two: My best friend Mr. Printer

Print up the new work! 

Step Three: Read and Notes 

Read through what you have and take notes the entire way. What you want to change? Expand? Fix? 

Step Four: Fluffies!

While fixing your manuscript with your notes from the previous step, start writing in the tedious descriptions. Careful not to add too much or else you will lose your reader. 

That’s it for today! Thanks for reading!



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